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Schuyler, NE

Trusted Electrical Expertise in Schuyler, NE

Holloway Electric: Your Professional Electrician in Schuyler, NE

In Schuyler, NE, the importance of a reliable electrician is paramount for both safety and functionality. Holloway Electric, known for its skilled electrical services, plays a crucial role in the community. We offer a wide range of services, including electrical contracting, commercial and industrial electrical services, agricultural electrical needs, and generator services. Our commitment ensures that homes, businesses, and agricultural operations in Schuyler, NE, have access to safe and efficient electrical systems.

Our Services:
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Residents and businesses in Schuyler, NE, trust Holloway Electric for all their electrical needs. As dedicated electrician, we bring expertise to every project, big or small. Our team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of commercial, industrial, and agricultural electrical systems, ensuring they run smoothly and safely.


At Holloway Electric, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-tier electrical services by our certified electricians in Schuyler, NE. Our team of certified professionals uses the latest technology and best practices to deliver safe, effective, and innovative solutions. Whether it’s a new installation, an upgrade, or routine maintenance, we’re here to ensure your electrical systems are up to standard. 

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Reliable Electrician Services in Schuyler, NE

For all your electrical needs in Schuyler, NE, choose Holloway Electric. Safety, efficiency, and quality are our top priorities.