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  • When is it time to call an electrician?

    A good time to call an electrician would be if there are any electrical components other than a light bulb that is not working correctly.

  • How much electrical work should I attempt on my own?

    Short of changing light bulbs all electrical work should be preformed by a licensed electrician.

  • Which grade of electrical outlets should I have installed in my home?

    Tamper Proof residential grade should be installed in all homes.

  • How can I find outlets manufactured especially to stand up to outdoor use?

    There will be a WR engraved on the outside of the receptacle.

  • What is the difference between a breaker panel and my old fuse panel?

    Breakers are able to be reset and fuses must be replaced when they go bad.

  • How do I reset my breakers?

    Turn it fully off past the trip point and then flip it to the on position, if it trips again call an licensed electrician.

  • What is a surge protector and should I get one?

    Surge protectors have many benefits, they protect electronic from spikes in electricity, surge protectors will become required by the National Electrical Code in 2023.

  • What does it mean if there is a humming noise coming from my panel?

    It could be a loose connection, or burned wires, also could be a breaker going be or a circuit pulling a lot of amps.

  • Why is one of the breakers in my panel hot to touch?

    This is caused by the amount of amps or a loose connection.

  • How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe?

    If it is broken or burned it should be replaced.

  • Can I plug a new refrigerator in anywhere?

    New refrigerators do not require a dedicated circuit but it is preferred, make sure you put it on a circuit that is very low use.

  • What does it mean when my fluorescent lights are flickering or cycling on and off?

    This would more than likely be a ballast going bad or bulbs that are going bad.

  • Can I change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?

    Typically most switches can be changed to a dimmer switch.

  • What areas of my house should be GFCI protected?

    Bathrooms, Garages, Kitchens and Basements and outdoor receptacles are required to be gfci protected.

  • What are the buttons on my GFCI outlet for?

    These are used to test and reset the gfci if it happens to trip.

  • What is the difference between conventional circuit breakers and an AFCI?

    Afci breakers are required for all habitable rooms circuits per the National Electrical Code. An Afci will trip if there is any current differential from the hot to neutral load.

  • When a re-wire is done, will my house be destroyed?

    No most houses can be rewired without excessive cutting of drywall and tearing out of walls, depending on the extent of finishes in a basement.

  • How long will it take to complete a rewire and will I need to move out during the process?

    You will not have to move completely out of your house but you may have to rearrange or move some rooms out in order to compete wiring, a typical rewire depending on the nature and finishes will take 2-4 weeks to complete. Again this is dependent on the extent of rewiring.